Clean Energy Boost

Improve Mood

Side-Supplement of Vitamins & Minerals

Fight Free Radicals

Improve Brain Functions

Promote Weight Loss

Fight Fatigue;

Improve Physical Ability

Improve Heart Health

Side-Benefits Detail


Enjoy cleaner, stronger, and longer energy boost. The soda energises you for an even longer time period than other chemical energy drinks as matcha

is high in Phenolic content plus a high level of Theophylline. Even more, the mix of traditional enery-boosting herbs plus lots of mint so to wake you up in the morning.


Improve brain functions, particularly on

memory & concentration which strengthen

your analytical mindset & processing speeds.


Rhodiola Rosea helps in improving mood,

easing stress and fighting depression by

correcting the chemical imbalances with its antidepressant properties.


Matcha fosters metabolism rate & is

rich in dietary fiber and will help you to keep fit.


The great blend of herbs&matcha provides

you a great variety of vitamins

(eg. A, B, especially C, E, K) & minerals

(ie. potassium, iron, and magnesium)

dietary fiber and improve your diet.


Our herbs help you to fight fatigue and improve your physical ability. One of our major content

Eleuthero Root, is often taken by top-class athletes (especially from Russia) to battle enervation.


Hise helps you fight and stabilize harmful free radicals with our high antioxidants content from matcha, Rhodiola Rosea , Ginkgo Biloba and Eleuthero Root. Our energy tea assist you in overcoming aging associated problems and many other long term diseases like cancer with natural herbs & matcha.



Matcha helps protect your heart. Our herbs also prevent you from heart disease like stroke or chest pain by promoting cardiac health.


Combining the effect of caffeine (from Matcha) and some most energy boosting traditional herbs ever, HISE aims to energise your mind and body faster & stronger than now-available-market energy drinks.


Green Tea (Matcha’s general type) contains the most Tea Polyphenols among teas which cooperate with caffeine to give a more long-lasting & lingering effect. Plus, the  use of strong mint & herbs will surely wake you up like 101% in the mornings!

to energise you daily



It's an energy drink but it's also a DRINK that you should ENJOY! Enjoy your drink chilled or hot like a brewed tea!


Served chilled - a refreshing lemon & lime mint soda (lots of sparkling bubbles!) taste topped with fresh light matcha; Served hot (eg. microwaved) - a delightful matcha tea drink mixed with light mint & herbs, while it tastes more exotic and no bubble. Best for the winter and office settings!

served chilled or hot


We are innovative - discovering and promoting the upcoming super-ingredients/food and creating new beverage recipes.


But we are traditional also - adopting already well-established or popular ingredients and recipes from the East to new beverage usage.  

ru1es brooookers




Needs no introduction, Matcha is one of the greatest food hit in recent years with numerous health benefits ranging from preventing heart disease, encourage weight loss to fighting cancer!


Also, the herbs used in our drinks are highly regarded in Asian culture and are of great healing values. Unlike taking chemical energy drinks, you will NOT suffer from energy crash, insomnia, crazy blood pressure etc negative impacts (aka lots of side effects on health in both short and long term) 

NO side-effects,

only side-benefits



Feel free to check our ingredients content as HISE is using the gifts from mother nature as ingredients that are indicated by the old traditional Asian wisdom.

As many may know, Organic Matcha is very rarely found and most matcha drinks are NOT ORGANIC. But HISE managed to source a both high-quality and organic matcha from Okayama.

HISE drink's foundation is made of top-quality organic (certificated by both USDA & JAS) Matcha plus organic lemon & lemongrass. 

not your typical chemical energy drinks


Beside offering the public a healthier & better energy drink option, we also want to dedicate this promising business to build a better community & Earth for all by promising to commit parts of our future profit for higher purposes.

build a better tomorrow




Recharge your business day with tea soda in the morning. Refresh & skill up your brain functions!

Clean refreshment boost for your endless meetings, deck & report writing and lengthy spreadsheets.

FOR Sport

Refresh your body for work or sports to handle the day's hardwork or workout routine with tea soda.

Strengthen your mind game and fitness to over any challenges ahead!

FOR    Adventures

Recharge your vacations!

Take HISE for road-trips or long drives. Take HISE with you to travel every corners of the world. Take our favorite refreshment to parties or music fest to stay charged all day long.



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